Origin Brazil
Producer Various
Farm / Estate Northern Minas Gerais / Santos
Varietal Bourbon
Altitude 936 MASL
Processing method Hand picked—Dry processed
Roast Degree Dark
Tasting notes Chocolate, cinnamon & nuts
Acidity Low

Dark Horse

Brazilian Bourbon Santos, named after the port region where it is primarily grown, is cultivated at between 2000 and 4000ft above sea level. Because of this relatively low growing altitude and due to it being a Bourbon varietal of Arabica coffee, it yields a soft, low density coffee bean. Add to this the primary processing method of this coffee being that of hand picked dry processing and the result is a low acidity, fantastically smooth coffee with a great body.

As a coffee roastery focused on crafting single origin greatness this coffee offers a plethora of opportunities to showcase the effects of different roast profiles on the resulting tasting notes and cup dynamics in the finished product. A lighter, Nordic style roast profile results in a low acidity coffee with medium body. The lighter roast serves to preserve the organic compounds within the bean which are coaxed out of their soft cell structure with a balanced mixture of convection and conduction roasting to deliver a smooth, mellow, chocolatey mouthfeel with undertones of cinnamon and a pleasing mellow fruit acidity. When paired with milk this turns to a milk chocolate mouthfeel with a mild citrus finish. A great way to start any day.

When used with a contrasting darker roast profile, as with our Dark Horse, the Santos Bourbon bean takes on a different guise entirely. Using a totally different approach to that of the lighter roast a more intense and aggressive roast profile results in a darker, brooding coffee. The acidity all but dissipates with the roast being guided along the way to prevent any residual bitterness in its’ final taste. The cup notes of a dark roast Brazilian Santos, in our hands, is a full bodied, intense, rich dark chocolate and cinnamon, almost marzipan, experience. Perfect for fans of a dark roast with the added pleasure of no lingering bitterness that is all to often prevalent in these roast profiles. This truly is a most versatile of coffees and is perfect for showcasing that single origin espresso can be enjoyed across a range of roasting approaches when roasted in the right hands.